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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't listed below, please contact us on Discord or simply ask on the stream!

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General FAQ

  • Q. What is this stream about?

      Music... and a great community!

      It may have just started with music but now it's a lot more! The stream has a great (and still steadily growing) community. If you decide to stick around for a while I'm sure you'll notice this too. And before you know it you have a bunch of friends that are also into Nintendo!

      Other than listening to the amazing music on the stream you may also join our community Discord server where we talk about anything Nintendo, and also play games together occassionally! Join us on Discord

  • Q. Why did you create this stream?

      For years I thought it would be great to have a live stream focused on Nintendo music. Nintendo music for me is simply a joy to listen to.

      After I had created my YouTube channel to upload Nintendo soundtracks I thought, "Hey, I what if I just create this stream that I've been dreaming about?!"

      And here we are! I have not regretted it for a single moment. This has truly been an enjoyable ride so far.

  • Q. When did it all start? How long has the stream been live for?

      The first test live stream took place in early July. However, I spent several months preparing it before that.

      Before the stream became 24/7 there were also 3 multi-day streams, which I partly held to gauge interest for this project.

      Finally, the real 24/7 stream started on August 11, 2017. To see the exact amount of time it has been live for just type !upsince in the YouTube chat.

      Visit the Stream
  • Stream Features

  • Q. We can request songs? How do song requests work?

      Yes, there are song requests! Here's how you do it:

      How to request songs

      • Go to the song list.

      • Find the song you want to request (searching with CTRL + F helps)

      -> The song has a date listed next to its name.

      • If that date is within the last 4 days that means your song is on cooldown and cannot be played.

      Please do not request this song until the cooldown expired.

      • If your song is not on cooldown copy the game and song.

      • Type "!songrequest Your Game - Your Song" in Youtube chat - This only works if song requests are currently opened.

      If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask us on Discord in #ask-mods or on the stream. We will be using this system until automated song requests are here.

      You may only request songs that are on the song list. More songs & games get added quite frequently.

      Song List
  • Q. Rupees? Ranks? What do they do?

      Bringing Stream interactivity to a new level!

      Rupees are a currency used on our stream. You can use them for minigames, bets, auctions, our very own stream rupee shop & a lot more!

      You can check your current rupee amount & stream watch time by typing !rupee on the stream. It has a 30 minute cooldown per user. If it is on cooldown you may check it in the rupee shop.

      Visit the Rupee Shop

      Ranks are a form of reward you can get if you're active on the stream. There are several ranks you unlock simply by watching (and being active in chat) and some you may obtain in other ways. Each user may have one dynamic watch time rank and one special static rank.

      Each rank unlocks special commands. Feel free to test them out on the stream! More ranks and commands will be added in time.

      Many of the ranks also come with a ton of awesome rewards if you reach them! Click the button below to see all ranks, commands and rewards.

      See the Ranks & Commands
  • Q. What are some of the stream activities? Events?

      There are some other fun activities besides the mini games. More activities / stream events are always being planned and will be held occasionally.

      Auctions: If an auction has been announced you may bid rupees on the item/reward. Type "!bid [rupees]". No rupees will be taken unless you actually win the auction. You may bid as many times as you like, but may not bid more rupees than you actually own.

      Giveaways: In a giveaway there will be one winner that gets chosen randomly out of all valid participants. Once the giveaway started you may enter using the given command. Note: In some cases the command will be a secret and you have to figure it out yourself with hints given by me.

      Polls: With polls you may vote on lots of things. Past polls voted on new soundtracks, dancer GIFs or even Splatoon Splatfest choices. You may also purchase a poll in the rupee shop that will be displayed on the stream. Ask a mod to set it up for you after purchasing. Vote on an option by typing "!vote [option 1-6]". Example: !vote 4

      Bets: You may bet on an option. Everyone who wins the bet will double the rupee amount they entered and may also win other rewards on top of that. Type "!bet [option] [rupees]". Example: !bet 3 100

      Other events: There are other events such as special streams for retro music, or streams where certain music may play more often or exclusively (such as a certain franchise to celebrate a new game launch or a certain type of music, like relaxing music, rock, etc.). These will be announced on Discord and on the events info page.

      Events Info Page
  • Q. What are the mini games on the stream and how do they work?

      Raids: Enter by typing "!raid [rupees you want to bet]". Example: !raid 100

      Objective: Join others in raiding a famous dungeon from The Legend of Zelda series (or other themed raids). There are multiple dungeon difficulties based on the amount of people joining a raid. If more join you will be able to raid harder dungeons, which also allows you to gain more rupees (even more than 2x of what you entered with).

      Pokémon Battle: Activated by Guardians (mods) or via rupee shop reward.

      Once activated type "!joinarena" to participate. Entry cost will be told by DysBot.

      Objective: After sign-ups are done, DysBot will start a short countdown to start a Pokémon battle. It will tell you to use a certain attack. Type it as fast as possible. The bot will play at least 5 rounds to determine the fastest participant. If you lose you get nothing. If you win you will obtain lots of rupees. I think it's around 500, but this might depend on the amount of users who joined the battle.

      Commands currently are: !sing, !beam, !whip, !flame, !bubble, !thunder.

      NOTE: You may see your message before the message of anyone else, but that may only be the case on your screen. In reality the message needs to be sent to the server first, so the end result may vary.

      Treasure Pick: Activated by Guardians or via rupee shop reward.

      Once activated type "!treasurepick [rupees you want to bet]" to pick one out of two treasure chests. One chest is empty, the other has double the amount of rupees that you bet. If you lose the rupees you used to bet are gone.

  • Q. What does the rupee shop do? What can I buy there?

      In the rupee shop you may purchase a variety of items with your rupees. There's no real money involved at all!

      I always want to add new items to the shop so if you have ideas let me know.

      Please visit the rupee shop info page for detailed information about each shop item.

      Rupee Shop Info Page
  • Music Related

  • Q. How many games and songs are on the stream?

      So many that I'm sure even I haven't heard them all!

      As of me writing this there are more than 250 games and 18,000 songs on the stream! If you stayed for 24 hours a day it would take you more than a whole MONTH to hear each of these songs just one time.

      On top of that I add new games almost every single day so there's always something new to look forward to.

      A frequently updated list can be found by clicking the button below.

      Full List
  • Q. I see this game is on the playlist, so why isn't this song from it on the list?

      This can have several reasons:

      1) One of the most frequent reasons is that the song simply uses a different name than the one you're used to. Due to many games never receiving an official soundtrack release many of them use names created by fans and because of that may vary.

      2) The song is simply too short. Almost every game has a few songs that are very short. Unless the song has a special importance I tend to exclude songs shorter than 30~40 seconds. If you think any of these songs should be re-added to the playlist just message me with it!

      3) The song does not fit the stream. Some songs are basically just atmospheric noise, filled with SFX or do not fit the stream for other reasons.

      4) Some songs cannot be played due to copyright reasons.

      List of Excluded Songs
  • Q. Why is this third party soundtrack playing? It's not a Nintendo game!

      That may be right but...

      Since we're as open-minded as Nintendo is with Smash we do have some third party games on board as well. Those third party guest soundtracks are all from games that appeared on Nintendo systems.

      They make up about 10% of the playlist and are usually (but not always) franchises closely associated with Nintendo.

      See Third Party Games on the Playlist
  • Contact & Others

  • Q. How can I contact you?

      If you'd like to contact me for business or other reasons there are several options:

      • On Discord message Dystify#7850 via DM, or just ping me on our server.

      • If you do not have Discord you may also contact me via email at Dystifyzer[at]gmail.com.

  • Q. Aren't there legal issues? How can you stream this without getting taken down for copyright?

      Nintendo does not take videos or live streams down for copyright reasons in most cases. They will usually put a copyright claim on them in order to monetize these videos.

      For a live stream this means if I monetize it (by playing ads) Nintendo may or may not receive the money instead. However, I will never actually play ads and do not intend to monetize the stream in ways that are intrusive to you.

      Watching the stream currently is (and always will be) 100% free. You may, however, support the stream with donations or via Patreon, but that is entirely your own decision and I will never force anyone to pay anything.

  • Q. Can you archive the live stream as video so we can watch it again at a later date?

      Unfortunately live streams longer than 12 hours may not be archived on YouTube. I also do not record the stream itself as the video would have an immensely huge file size which would take forever to upload.

      However, you may replay the last 2 hours of the current live stream at any time. I also create highlights of certain events (such as Mini Marathons) as individual video upload. You can find these highlights by clicking the button below.

      Highlights Playlist on YouTube
  • Need more assistance? Contact us on Discord